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Going Carbon Neutral with Green Story 

Pushaoo is working towards greater ecological integrity and social justice in the apparel world through hemp and sustainable fashion. We strive to collaborate with rural artisans and small businesses worldwide who cultivate their products from sustainable materials to further their creation's reach by sharing it with the world.

Being truly sustainable encompasses more than just the materials we use. We recognize that transporting our products globally means there is an inevitable environmental impact – to mitigate this, we have partnered with Green Story to carbon offset our products! We are committed to changing fashion for the better – for people AND planet. Read on to learn how it works! 

How are we tackling the issue of Climate Change?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities like burning fossil fuels and clear-cutting forests are rising quicker than the planet can naturally regulate, resulting in climate change. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change. 

We already use eco-friendly fabrics and employ sustainable manufacturing practices to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. However, it will take some time to reduce our emissions all the way to net zero, and there are still emissions which are unavoidable. This is where carbon offsets come in. 

carbon neutrality - supply chain transparency - sustainable company

We’re tackling these unavoidable emissions by investing in offset projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation and energy efficiency. These projects prevent future carbon emissions and remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere. 

We buy carbon offset credits from these projects that are equal to our unavoidable emissions. This provides crucial funding for these projects to continue to thrive while making all our products carbon neutral from ‘seed to shelf’. 

We want you to be part of our carbon neutral journey

You can now experience our carbon neutral journey across your entire shopping experience. Every carbon neutral product can be identified by a ‘carbon neutral’ visual on the product page. Click on the visual to see the exact amount of carbon offset for that product and explore the projects we invest in.

carbon neutrality - supply chain transparency - sustainable company

Every purchase confirmation email has a ‘Carbon Neutral’ button so that you can click and learn more about your carbon neutral order and the communities you’ve supported through the offset projects. We’ll also send you an official Carbon Offset Certificate from our partner Green Story, with a unique transaction ID to ensure the validity of the offset.

How do we select offset projects?

We worked with Green Story to calculate the CO2 emissions from each stage of our supply chain. This enabled us to measure our carbon footprint for each product and find the best suited carbon offset projects.

carbon neutrality - sustainable company - supply chain transparency


Our approach for carbon neutrality is to offset the carbon footprint of our supply chain and have a mix of Reforestation, Renewable Energy and Community projects. We worked with Green Story to handpick projects based on their type, location, and benefits. Each project supports multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals in addition to offsetting CO2. All our projects are rigorously verified and certified through The Gold Standard, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or  Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). These independent verifiers ensure that the projects are working to deliver the benefits they promise.

carbon neutrality - supply chain transparency - sustainable company - gold standard - sustainability un goals

It is no coincidence that these projects are creating meaningful impact throughout the communities that our supply chain touches. See where we’re contributing below:


This project takes degraded land owned by small scale farmers in Orissa & Chattisgarh and supports soil restoration and replanting with trees to increase forest cover, resulting in carbon sequestration.



This solar energy project in Rajasthan that generates clean and renewable electricity. It is composed of 3 power plants, with a total installed capacity of 400MW and avoids 694,471 metric tons of CO2 per year.



This project provides local residents in the rural area of Zhangye, Gansu province in Northwestern China the opportunity to switch to solar cookers to use for their daily cooking tasks in place of coal powered cookstoves. 


We’re thrilled about our carbon neutral journey ahead and incredibly proud of the impact we can make together with Green Story and our customers! 


carbon neutrality - supply chain transparency - sustainable company - zero in on neutrality


We are super excited to announce that the carbon air miles (product country of origin to our warehouse) of our collections have and will be offset by reforestation/forest preservation projects in partnership with the Carbon Fund Organization. 

Pushaoo Collection Offset Sustainable Fashion Hemp Clothes Hemp Fashion Pushaoo Collection Offset Sustainable Fashion Hemp Clothes Hemp Fashion Pushaoo Collection Offset Sustainable Fashion Hemp Clothes Hemp Fashion Pushaoo Collection Offset Sustainable Fashion Hemp Clothes Hemp Fashion

We Care! Your order was mindfully packaged using eco-friendly materials in our ongoing efforts to support sustainability. Please reuse, repurpose or recycle this packaging. 

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We commit to plant a tree for every picture posted with you tagged #pushaoo bag! #plantingwithpushaoo

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