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We invite you to share with our community #pushaoo moments. 

Pushaoo: the feeling that results from an epic realization/experience. 𝘈𝘩𝘢-𝘮𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵. 𝘔𝘪𝘯𝘥-𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘯. 𝘛𝘳𝘪𝘱-𝘰𝘶𝘵. Pushaoo is being aware that life is working for you, not against you.

Do you have a pushaoo adventure, realization or experience you would like to share? We would love to hear them! 

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  • Helena

    Ometepe is a mesmerizing, isolated and remote island in Lake Nicaragua. The island is formed by two volcanos which dominate the landscape. Ometepe is a place where you get lost in nature and feel completely disconnected from the world. We stayed at a small hostel where we slept in bamboo homes, woke up to chickens and pigs early in the morning and showered under the stars…
    This picture (see Pushaoo’s instagram) was taken mid hike of the Concepción volcano. Concepción stands as one of the most active volcanos in Central America. The hike was steep, slippery, exhausting but absolutely MAGICAL.. Gta love adventuring off the beaten track 💛🌏✨ #pushaoo

  • Helena

    We had just arrived to Pushkar by train from Jaipur. The sun was about to set and we decided to drop our bags off at the hostel and search for some food nearby. As we were walking, I heard music and told Pau we had to follow it. It led us to this beautiful group of people from around the world sitting by the Pushkar Lake and playing the drums. I was blown away by the scenery.. the sun was setting, the reflection of the temples and the bridge were crystal clear on the water, one girl was singing and the whole group was creating magic with sound.. After sitting there for a few minutes in pure AWE, two girls stood up and Natulal (the man wearing yellow) signaled at Pau and I telling us to take over there seats. I freaked out lol, I had never played the drums before..but we took on the invitation and joined the group. Natulal slowly walked us through the beats and rhythms teaching with so much patience.. we smoothly became part of the whole. We were so focused.. ah! ultimate flow.. I had goosebumps realizing what we were creating with these strangers. We played for nearly two hours. By the end we were invited to play the drums at an Indian royal wedding at the Jaipur palace the next day with our new friends.. (!!!) And so we did.. #pushaoo #pushaoomoments

  • Megan

    A Pushaoo moment for me was in Barcelona, in a little square called Plaza Real. I was on a trip with my football team from Lyon, France, and it was our last afternoon in what had been an incredible time in a beautiful city.

    As is our nature, we had brought a football along with us, and I started kicking it about in the square. It was then I noticed a group of children on a school trip staring at me; overhearing their voices, I gathered they were from Poland. I passed the ball to a little boy whose eyes had been glued to it since he had arrived, and he looked at me with surprise and a smile. He passed it back, and I passed it to the other children in the group until our little crowd grew and all of them wanted in, all of them wanted to show off their skills and tricks. We continued like this until the teacher called them to move on, and they ran over to give me a fist-bump and say “dziękuję do widzenia!”

    Next up was a Senegalese bracelet vendor. Initially thinking he was coming over to sell me some jewelry, I was pleasantly surprised when he pointed at the ball – we began speaking in French and playing football instead. He left his cart of products to the side as a couple of my teammates came to join in, and we spent a long time kicking it around. Later, a few guys from Japan jumped in for a quick match. Some Americans from Buffalo, New York called for the ball and had a kick and a chat before going on their way. An old man sitting on the ground collecting coins came for a moment to join in, and throughout the afternoon we had various groups and people pause their plans to join in our spontaneous football games as they passed through Plaza Real, before moving on with their day.

    Football is the world’s favorite sport; known for it’s inclusiveness, it transcends age, gender, nationality, and culture. I have always advocated for sports as a means for engagement and integration, but this moment truly illustrated the idea that we as humans are not as different from one another as we may be led to believe. It was wholesome and happy. I felt like life was working for all of us in this moment.

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