Hemp underwear – COMING SOON.

Hemp underwear – COMING SOON

“Anything cotton can do, hemp can do better”. Truer words have never been spoken. Here at Pushaoo, it’s moment you’ve all been waiting for – we’re introducing hemp underwear!

We’ve touted the benefits of hemp for a while now, so extending the line to underclothes is nothing less than thrilling for us. And because sharing is caring, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why hemp underwear is a dream come true so you can join in our hype.

  1. Hemp fabric has anti-microbial properties – in other words, it kills bacteria and remains odor-free for longer. There are no synthetic fibers, because we believe they don't deserve a place in underwear. Goodbye synthetics, you will not be missed.


  1. You know when people say go with the flow? Well, hemp underwear is fit for purpose. This fabric’s breathable qualities allow more airflow (= fewer yeast infections!) than underwear made from more rigid or unnatural fibers. As hemp is grown without pesticides, there won’t be anything toxic or synthetic hidden in the fabric – your skin will thank you for it.


  1. Hemp fabric is extremely durable – as the strongest natural plant fiber in the world, these undies are here to stay. We’re talking QUALITY – it will hold its shape and colour, as well as get softer with every wash (we brag about this a lot). None of this fast fashion, disposable business. If we ever get rid of these beauties (we won’t), they’ll be going in the compost bin.


  1. Hemp underwear = a micro-step towards saving the planet. While wearing hemp clothing isn’t exactly one of the Sustainable Development Goals (even if we would advocate for that), the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world and we need to do our part! For Pushaoo, that’s spreading the word about the sustainable benefits of hemp and helping more people discover the joys of natural, comfortable, earth-friendly clothing. If you want some more depth on the benefits of hemp – look no further. Here is the link to our blog post elaborating on the wonders of this unrivalled fabric.


  1. It is beautiful. We want you to look good AND feel good – hemp underwear has got it covered (literally). We promise we’re not just going for flattery tactics here, but trust us, you’ll look fantastic. In fact, we encourage you to brag about it. We sure do.


For full disclosure, we will also share the downsides of wearing hemp underwear.


That’s not a typo, there just aren’t any. Hemp underwear is comfortable, good for your skin, good for our planet, and built to last. We know you’ll love it!

Choose comfort. Choose sustainability. Choose hemp.




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