Being Sustainable in a Globalized World

There is an inherent paradox between the concepts of sustainability and globalization. Here at Pushaoo, we're going global; we have customers all over the world, from New York to Brazil, France to Japan. This raises an important question: how can we exist as a business advocating for sustainable and ethical fashion when we contribute to CO2 emissions by transporting our products around the globe?

Pushaoo actively works to make every step of the process as sustainable as possible, including how our products get from A to B. We offset the carbon air miles used to move our goods through a partnership with CarbonFund. Not only do they aid us in calculating and reducing our carbon footprint, but they also have energy efficiency, forestry, and renewable energy projects in efforts to mitigate environmental damage. We are proud to contribute specifically to reforestation projects in Brazil! In a further step to reduce our environmental impact, we are looking to establish a base in Europe to cut down the distance our products travel.

Alongside offsetting our air miles, Pushaoo is centred around using sustainable hemp and bamboo materials, zero plastic, recyclable packaging, and even our tag will be in stamp-form - using soy ink! Soy inks are a renewable resource and leave no petroleum behind, so you can use it on compostable materials. We believe that sustainable fashion must be true to its values from start to finish. Our aim is to be accountable and transparent in the ways in which we operate, and always strive to implement innovative ideas to ensure our business aligns with our philosophy.

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  • Sandra

    Awesome work guys! Love the brand

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